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Flying Orb

Flying Orb

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The Original Boomerang Hover Ball! 

As seen on the viral TikTok trend, this is 2023's HOTTEST GIFT for all ages! Available in the icy shimmer of Frosty Blue, the festive glow of Candy Cane Red, or the whimsical sparkle of Cotton Candy Pink, this orb is designed to dazzle. 🎄🎁🥰


Colorful LED Lights: Vibrant LED lights create a captivating light show as it flies. 

Motion-Sensing Technology:  Built in sensors detect objects below and move away form them allowing smooth and uninterupted flight. 

Boomerang Action!  Throw it out and it flies back to you!

Rechargeable Battery:  The orb comes with a USB rechargeable battery, ensuring it's ready for playtime after a quick charge. 

Durable Material: Made with sturdy materials, the orb is designed to withstand bumps and falls during play. 

User-Friendly Fun: The motion sensors and boomerang effect make the orb easy to control, easy to keep track of and provides a frustration-free play experience!


    Elevate playtime with a toy that takes flight!

    The perfect gift for kids of all ages!

    Catch the Light - Buy Today!


    Family Owned Business! Includes Fast Shipping With A Happiness Guarantee!

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